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Using a predesigned admin skin will allow you to expedite the development of your back-end applications by applying a clean and professions interface design. Our admin skins are enhanced with jQuery effects and provide clean and valid code.
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An exquisite modern administration design presented with a wooden facade for application across nearly any genre, but particularly notable to be applied to any home, nature, real estate, or construction themed backend system.

  Our admin templates are designed to be flexible and are feature rich. This skin includes:

     Full Liquid Layout 
   Expands to and Browser Resolution 
     Multi Level Navigation 
   Expands 2 Levels Deep 

       Dynamic Portlets 
   Sliders, Calendars, and Progress Bars    4 Styles of Closeable Status Messages 
    Attention, Information, Success, and Error Codes

    Includes Custom Login Page   
     Tabbed jQuery Content 
     Flip Through Multiple Sections of Content

      Dynamic Image Gallery 
     Charts & Graphs 

       Sortable Tables 
       True In-Browser RIch Text Editing 
       Well Commented Code and Fully Customizable 

     Valid Transitional HTML
     Clean Fluid Layout
     Easy and Flexible to Alter
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Wooden Fences
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