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Our Promotional Product packs contain a beautiful and vibrant logo design that has been formatted for a huge variety of items that are designed for printing on more than 20 different products including apparel, such as shorts, bibs, caps, camisoles, thongs, t-shirts, dog t-shirts, golf shirts, creepers and hoodies, as well as bumper stickers, buttons, magnets, mouse pads, ornaments, wall clocks, and more! Packages come with dozens of template sizes in 300 DPI JPG, Adobe Photoshop PSD, and Adobe Illustrator AI formats in CMYK print friendly color.
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They say nothing is more attractive than natural beauty.  Well, it appears that sentiment is true as showcased through this nature and earthy infused promotional product set.Set includes over 20 different product templates, as well as a plain logo. PSD - AI - JPG - 300 DPI - CMYK
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