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Global environmental awareness is not the latest fad of the times. Minimizing our carbon footprint, reducing, reusing, and recycling, along with the development of alternative forms of energy have seeped into life on a daily consciousness. Okay, so does that get a little too research paperish too you? We get it - what do you really want? You want simple descriptions of designs that will work for energy conservation, green technology, and cue you in to what's trendy. Well, that's what you get here. Apply this naturally green layout to any site suited to inform its users on this subject matter and you'll be set. Hug a tree today!

This Template Includes:
  • Automatically Updating RSS Content
  • Search Engine Optimized Pages
  • SEO Keywords
  • SEO Tags
  • SEO Content
  • Prefitted Ad Locations
  • Clean CSS Rollovers

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