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Dear Mr. President,

I am writing you this letter with grave concern over the questionable and potentially hazardous practices of unregulated emerging energy companies, namely "big solar" and "big wind". As it is well documented, the sun produces an enormous amount of radiation, and its unmitigated effects are absolutely deadly. The facts on skin cancer from the of the sun are clear, and in the US alone there are 60,000 new cases resulting in 10,000 deaths annually. Likewise, wind has been responsible for nearly destroying the entire city of New Orleans, and has been a devastating plague on the planet since the dawn of life. Comparatively, the little "overflow" of oil into the Gulf has been a simple inconvenience to a few fish farmers. Sure, I'll admit that should not have happened. We were just trying to watch the bottom line and the situation didn't go to plan; to be honest, it's just a big pain to have to hear about it on the news every day when tanning on my sailboat. But that's neither here nor there. Mr. President, I implore you to take steps to stop the piping of these dangerous natural forces into the homes of millions of your countrymen where children play and women cater to their men. We must act quickly to force regulation on these terrible industries, and to slow their infestation into the homes of your citizens. I am willing to put forth the full financial resources of my company to prevent this immanent disaster. No expense will be spared.


Tee Wayward

This Template Includes:
  • Valid Coded Table Free Site
  • 6 Sliced xHTML Pages
  • 6 Layered PSD Files
  • jQuery Accordion Menu
  • jQuery Floating Navigation
  • Documentation Provided on jQuery Use
  • 1000 Pixel Width
  • Textless Image Version for Non Photoshop Users
  • Liquid Header, Background, and Footer

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