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Her sand garden was immaculate, and her mantra was in perfect key, however Jane was struggling with her final test of self discipline and inner serenity.

"Just one more damn rock to stack!" she exclaimed, "and I'll finally reach the peak of frickin inner harmony and higher consciousness... so why the hell do they keep slipping!?"

Yes, Jane still had much to learn from her court ordered anger management and meditation lessons at the Peaceful Life Spa and Rehabilitation Center. The judge had sent Jane to a mandatory 30 day stay, and required her to pass each of three tests that would be given at the end of her matriculation in order to avoid nine to eighteen months in lockup for an incident involving a children's birthday party, two-six packs of Schlitz, a clown named Debonair Dan, a pinata, a hedge trimmer, and a broken heart.

For nearly everyone else the spa was an oasis, however for Jane it was harbinger to a year of reflection at Quidhampton county correctional facility. You see, Jane would never figure out why she was unable to get that last rock to stack; it was a secret that would be well kept between a bottle of turtle wax and the spa's new nine fingered intern Debonair Dan.

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