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Timmy's experiment had gone awry. All he wanted was to to develop a simple solution to the world's problems of pollution and move towards a sustainable future. So he went online, purchased a pair of doves, a science kit packed with chemicals unknown, and a nuclear fuel cell from the former Soviet Union.

When Timmy's supplies arrived at his home four to six weeks later, he finished playing his game of golf on Wii Sports, had a sandwich consisting mostly of bologna with a slice of tomato, and thereafter immediately went to work on his solution. It was an idea so bold that it would never be permitted in the government lab of biological warfare and Fios installation where he was once employed. Timmy worked day and night in his homemade laboratory in his shed behind his house, which once sheltered his lawn furniture and ride on lawn mower.

After nearly a month of genetic manipulation, the ground around his home began to shake, and his shed exploded in a mist of radioactive dove feathers and prestone anti freeze. Timmy had done it, the genetically altered doves took off towards the atmosphere at supersonic speeds, consuming the green house gasses that were choking the earth. However, with each gulp of toxic gas they consumed, their size and mass increased exponentially, until finally they reached the size of the continent of South America. Their jobs had been completed, and the Earth was once again clean and green, but their appetite could never be satisfied. Could the doves ever be stopped?

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