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Some people get their kicks from extreme sports that cause adrenaline pumping and pulse raising responses; the kind of feeling that you get from flinging a half inch thick fiberglass board off a sheer cliff hundreds of feet in the air with your feet strapped down and locked in place with no possible way of escaping the inevitable pull towards the approaching earth. Maybe this is how you get your kicks, or maybe you just run a travel and tourism website and want to feature the snowy white caps of the Rocky Mountains, or perhaps you plan on changing the title to pass the design off for the Swiss Alps. No matter the case, this death defying winter resort full flash site will be sure to leave your visitors absolutely breathless.

This Template Includes:
  • Full Flash Source Files
  • Web Ready SWF and HTML Files
  • Fully Layered Photoshop PSD Files
  • Exciting Flash Music and Sound Effects
  • Music On/Off Switch for Users

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