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Paint Shop Pro

Paint Shop Pro is a graphics editor, owned by Corel software. This software can be used to manipulate many of our graphics software. Paint Shop Pro can be a helpful resource for non Photoshop users that are looking for a lower priced software. Using Paint Shop Pro, you can still edit and use our templates if you do not have access to Photoshop. The website templates can be edited with any standard HTML editing software, such as Drewmweaver, Expression Web, FrontPage, and many others. As for adding graphical text to images within the template, you can use any graphic software you like (including Paint Shop Pro), although you often will not need to edit any graphic text, so this is optional.

To learn about editing adding graphical text to a template using Paint Shop Pro, visit our tutorial: Editing Graphic Text without Photoshop.

Paint Shop Pro can also be used for many other purposes, such as making color changes to graphics, etc. Paint Shop Pro is not able to edit the Photoshop PSD source files, however it is useable to make modifications directly to the sliced gig and jpg web images that are used within the templates.

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