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Working with Microsoft Expression Web Templates

Microsoft Expression Web is a WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) HTML editing and authoring software developed by Microsoft, and replaced the Microsoft FrontPage program in Microsoft’s product line. As a WYSIWYG editor, Microsoft Expression Web is capable of designing original website pages as well as editing existing web pages. Our Website Templates are created in HTML with CSS or table based layouts, and Expression Web is capable of editing both types of templates by enabling you to make changes to their layouts visually. Therefore, even if you have never edited Expression Web templates, you will still be able to customize your web template visually using the Microsoft Expression software. The best part about using a WYSIWYG editing software, is that you do not need to learn HTML or any other coding language to edit our web templates.

How to Edit a Microsoft Expression Template

It’s simple to begin editing a website template using Microsoft Expression Web, and templates do not need to be native Expression Web templates in order to be compatible with Microsoft Expression web. You can use just about any HTML based template and still maintain compatibility with the Microsoft Expression Web program. To get started using your template right now using Expression Web, view our tutorial on

Where Can I Download Microsoft Expression Web?

The Microsoft Website offers digital downloads of their Microsoft Expression Web software, including a free trial version where you can download Microsoft Expression Web free to try out editing Expression Web templates:

The visual editing features on expression web can be used by beginning website owners as well as professional designers, and our unlimited template download access to expression templates provides the perfect opportunity to customize a perfect website design for any need.

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