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The BoxedArt Guide to Using Website Templates

What is a Website Template, and Who is a Website Template for?

A website template is a design used for the physical appearance or facade of your website. It is a layout that can be used to display content and information for a simple website, or used as a neat package in which to program additional features, such as scripts and databases. However a website template in itself does not contain any scripts or databases, and thus it will not “operate” the services of a “functioning” website without additional work.

To restate the above, a website template will not run your dating service, nor will it include search features, membership databases, or have a back end administration for updating your website by default. These are all the functions of website scripts that are often found in “turnkey websites” and other “content management systems”, which are referred to as CMS's for short. If you require a ready to go solution that includes features such as the above, then a better solution for you may be a turnkey website from ( or a CMS Template from (

However, a website template is helpful for the design and look of your content based website, or as a foundation in which to add your own scripts. This means if you would like to set up or redesign an informational website that simply displays content and consists of any number of linked pages, then it is very easy to add your content to a professional looking design that perfectly matches the theme of your website. Alternatively, if you are a programmer, developer, or if you have hired a programmer or developer that can provide your website with functionality, then a web template will be helpful in providing a clean and professional design that can easily integrate with any type of programming and on any type of platform.

Therefore, website templates will benefit any number of individuals from first time webmasters to advanced developers that require an attractive appearance in which to apply their own website content or website programming.

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