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The BoxedArt Guide to Using Website Templates

Using Alternative Graphic Programs to Edit Graphical Image Text

Website templates include in their html folders a "blank" version, meaning that all graphical text ../images have been left blank. You may open these individual ../images and create your own text and then save them for your web page.

Pictured here are a "blank" version page (on the left) and a "filled" version page for comparison:


In the above pictures, the blank version shows only the text that you would type into your html web page; all graphical text has been left blank. To add your own text to these blank ../images, follow these steps:

Open the graphic program of your choice, then File > Open.

Navigate to the html>blank>../images folder in your BoxedArt template files and choose the file you need.

Choose the text tool and click on the image. Some programs will require you to click and drag a text box first:


Choose the font and attributes you want for the text. (If a font/text toolbar isn't visible, click View in the top menu.) Type in your new text.

alt txt

File > Save to save your new image file. Note - if you save it with the same filename and in the same folder as the original blank image, your new image will automatically be displayed when you view your web page. If you save your new image under a different filename (or in a different folder) you will need to put the new folder and/or filename in the html web page source code.

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