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The BoxedArt Guide to Using Website Templates

Unzipping the Template

If you are viewing the HTML files from the zip file that has not been extracted, all of the ../images will appear broken. You will only able to view the ../images once the template has been extracted, and you view the HTML files from the extracted folder.

Many computers will unzip a .zip file when you double-click on the file's icon, using whatever software is already installed (Windows Explorer, for example). However, choosing to download and install a program that is specifically built to handle zipped files will generally give you more options and is recommended.

WinZip is one of the most frequently used of the unzipping programs. A free download is available at

After you have installed WinZip, you can open your downloaded file by double-clicking its icon.

WinZip will open. Click on Extract:


You will next be asked where to save the extracted template files.
Choose your location where it says "Extract To:", and then click on Extract:


class=tutorialAll the folders and files that are part of your template are now extracted and saved in the location you chose.

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