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The BoxedArt Guide to Using Website Templates

Unrecognized File Format When I Try to Open a Flash or Photoshop File

When I try to open the source files I receive an error message and the files will not open...

For Flash, the Unrecognized File Format error message means that you are attempting to open a .fla file that was saved in a more recent version of Flash. For example, you have Flash MX and are trying to open a .fla file that was saved for Flash MX2004, Flash 8, or Flash CS3.

Check your template's "fla" folder - many templates come with duplicate versions of .fla files, saved for different versions of Flash.
Or, consider upgrading to a newer version of Flash. There are also 30-day free trial versions available from

If you are having difficulties opening a .psd in Photoshop, you may consider upgrading to a newer version. Also, as with Flash, there are 30-day free trial versions of the current Photoshop program available from

The error message Could not complete your request because the layer is not a valid text layer may appear when you attempt to open a .psd file, or, Photoshop crashes completely.

This error message is referring to a bug in some versions of Photoshop, especially non-U.S. versions.

In some cases, opening the .psd file in Photoshop 7.0 and resaving it has allowed the .psd to open in more recent versions of Photoshop. Also, has attempted to address this problem here:

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