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The BoxedArt Guide to Using Website Templates

Text Does Not Appear in the Flash After Making Changes

I made changes to my template in Flash and now text does not appear in the Flash portion of my template...

Make sure you created a new .swf after you've made changes in the .fla file in Flash. Pressing the Ctrl and Enter keys on your keyboard will create a new .swf file reflecting your changes.

Make sure the new .swf has been saved, or copied, into the "html" folder so that it replaces the original .swf

Make sure the new .swf has the same filename as the original .swf in your template.

If you've made changes in an external .txt file, make sure it has been saved into the same "html" folder as your .swf and web page files, and that it retains the same name as the template's original .txt file.

Check the ActionScript version in Flash's Publish settings (File > Publish Settings). Your Flash movie must be saved as ActionScript 1.0 in order for the external .txt file to function correctly:


Or, the problem could lie in the font you are using, whether your .fla file is using Static Text or Dynamic Text, and whether you may need to embed the font.

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