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The BoxedArt Guide to Using Website Templates

Opening the PSD file in Photoshop

The .psd file is the source file for Photoshop and contains all layers, graphics, text, etc.

To open a .psd, launch Photoshop: Start>Programs>Adobe>Photoshop.
Or, you may launch Photoshop by double-clicking on a .psd file's icon.

When Photoshop opens, choose File > Open and browse to the .psd on your computer. Most BoxedArt Template packs have a "psd" folder that hold the Photoshop files for your template.


When the file opens, your screen will look similar to this:


Note: If a window like this:


...shows prior to the .psd file opening, you will need to copy any font files that came with your template package into your hard drive's Fonts folder. see: How to Install a New Font

If you do not see the Layers palette or the Toolbar, click on Window in the top menu and check both Layers and Tools from the dropdown list:


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