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The BoxedArt Guide to Using Website Templates

How to Open a Flash .fla File using Adobe Flash

The .fla file is the source file for Flash and contains all animations, graphics, buttons, sounds, etc. Each .fla file also has an accompanying .swf file, which is the compressed movie placed in your web page and viewed in a browser.
All editing/customizations must be done in the .fla, not the .swf. To work with the .fla files from BoxedArt you must have Flash MX or higher installed on your computer.

Launch Flash from the Programs directory on your computer, or from a shortcut icon placed on your desktop.

From Flash's top menu choose File > Open and browse to your template's "fla" folder. Then select the .fla you want to open.

You may also launch Flash and open the .fla file simultaneously by double-clicking on a .fla file's icon, or by right-clicking on a .fla file's icon and choosing "Open With".

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