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The BoxedArt Guide to Using Website Templates

How to Install a New Font

Before installing fonts, you should close any open programs. For some programs, newly installed fonts do not appear in the font menus if you install them while the program is open.

1. Open your harddrive's WINDOWS folder, then open the Fonts folder (C:\WINDOWS\Fonts)
2. In a second Windows Explorer window, open the "fonts" folder that came with your template.
3. Position the two windows side by side on your screen.
4. Drag (or copy/paste) the font files from the template folder into your harddrive's Fonts folder.


1. Open your computer's WINDOWS folder, then open the Fonts folder (C:\WINDOWS\Fonts)
2. Go to File in the top menu and choose Install New Font
3. Click the drive and folder that contain the fonts you want to add from your template package.
4. To select more than one font to add, hold down the CTRL key, click the fonts you want, then click OK

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