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The BoxedArt Guide to Using Website Templates

How do I Upload my Website Template Using FTP?

Once you have your template files ready to go online you'll need to send them to your host's server so they will be accessible across the World Wide Web. This process is referred to as FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and can be accomplished with many types of programs. All use basically the same type of procedure.

WS_FTP is a simple, easy-to-use FTP program (free download available at ) and will be used here as one example.

Opening WS_FTP will present you with a window where you enter the information for your website host. This information is unique to your specific host/server and needs to be obtained from your hosting company. The account access information you enter in the WS_FTP window (shown below) will become part of the dropdown list for Profile Name. You may enter information for and access multiple accounts/hosts from this window.


Once your information has been entered, click the Apply button, and click OK. WS_FTP will connect to your account at your host and display a window that shows both your computer's files and your host's:


Your computer is the Local System (left column), your host is the Remote System (right column).

To publish your files to the World Wide Web, locate the appropriate files/folders from the Local System's dropdown list, locate the appropriate designation folder on the Remote System, and click the --> arrow in the middle.

When your files have completed their trip, you may Exit WS_FTP. Call up your website's URL in a browser and check out your handiwork.


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