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The BoxedArt Guide to Using Website Templates

Getting Your Website Template Online, Domain name, hosting, ftp

Once you are ready to bring your template online for the world to see, you will need to have several things in place including:

1. A Domain Name

A domain name is the literal name of your website, it is what is typed into a browser window when going to any website on the internet. An example of a website domain name is

2. A Website Host

A website host is a service provider that will store your web page files for public access, and the location where your domain name will be assigned. Once you have uploaded your website files to your host, they will be public at your domain name for public viewing and you will be open for business.

Typically both of these items can be acquired in a single location. Two such services that provide both Domain names as well as Hosting Services include:



There are also many thousands of website hosts to choose from and you may pick any host that you find suitable to host your template files. However the two listed above both offer reasonable rates and fine service.

As stated above, once you have acquired a hosting service and a domain name, you will need to upload your files to your website host. Uploading your files is a very simple task, and usually requires only a FTP software, however in some cases your host may provide you with an online file management system and in such instances FTP software will not be required.

In instances where it is necessary to use FTP (File Transfer Protocol) software, there are many programs that will work. A few popular choices include:


Smart FTP


FTP Explorer

After you have downloaded and installed your FTP software of choice, you will only need to upload the contents of the HTML folder from the zip file that you have extracted. You will notice that there will be two template versions within the HTML folder, these versions are Filled and Blank. You may upload the contents of either of these templates to your web server. When deciding which version is right for you, it may help to review the differences between the filled and blank versions in the Using Adobe Photoshop to Edit Graphical Image Text and Using Alternative Graphic Programs to Edit Graphical Image Text articles.

For further information on uploading using FTP, please review the How do I Upload my Website Template Using FTP? tutorial.

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