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Ever wonder why it's called a piggy bank? Well, look no further for the answer to this mind bending question. It harkens back to the Middle Ages believe it or not. The name came about due to the fact that metal was an expensive commodity at the time and was not often utilized in household materials and goods. Instead materials were made from a clay called pygg. During these times, when the caretaker of the home could save some extra coins, they would drop them in these clay containers they created called pyggs, eventually resulting in the people calling these pygg banks. Overtime, the term adapted to piggy banks and people forgot the reason for the concept to begin with. Well, now that I have imparted such a plethora of knowledge your way, why not drop a through dimes in our jar and purchase this jam packed financial themed design today! This Template Includes:
  • 7 Layered PSD Files
  • 7 Sliced HTML Pages
  • Letterhead Word Doc / PSD
  • Fax Cover Sheet Word Doc / PSD
  • Logo Template PSD / AI
  • Business Card Template PSD
  • Envelope Template PSD
  • Textless Image Version for Non Photoshop Users



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